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Pulled Pork - When I think of true, slow-smoked barbecue, this is what comes to mind. I serve the same pulled pork that I won a First Place with at the Florida State BBQ Championship in Lakeland. I prepare the meat the day before by trimming it and then applying my own dry rub, which seasons it for 8 to 12 hours before it goes on the wood burning pit. Once on, it will cook for 12 to 20 hours at temperatures between 225 and 250 degrees. This "low & slow" approach produces some of the tastiest pork you will ever eat. Typical serving suggestions are as a sandwich - put a spoonful of cole slaw on it if you want it Southern Style - or just pile the pork on your plate. Figure a quarter to a third pound per person.

BBQ  Ribs - Forget Applebee's & Sonny's. Forget what your mama told you about boiling ribs. These pork ribs are the real deal. They are first trimmed to a St. Louis style slab,  then seasoned with my rib rub before going on the pit. Then it's about 7 hours until they are so tender, they pull off the bone with barely a tug. No boiled meat here. These are the way ribs are supposed to be. You may never want to order ribs at a restaurant again. A slab will usually feed 2 to 3 people.

BBQ Chicken - Tired of dry, bland chicken? Let me cook up some smoked chicken for you. My smoked chicken stays very moist, and is tender like no other. Think of your favorite rotisserie style chicken, then think if it was 3 times better than that. Now you're gettin' close. 

Beef Brisket - This big primal cut of beef becomes a tender taste treat after spending up to 18+ hours in the smoke. My brisket took two 3rd place finishes in 2 different State Championships in 2004. Can be served sliced on a plate or sandwich, or chopped and on a bun.

Smoked Turkey - Break away from the old oven baked, dry turkey. My smoked turkeys have a hint of smoke flavor to them, and are always very moist. A special blend of Cajun seasonings I use enhance and compliment the natural flavor of the turkey without overpowering it. Almost every person who has tried one has said that it was the best turkey they have ever served.

~ Sides ~

BBQ Baked Beans - Not just out of a can, my beans have been improved so that they pair perfectly with the barbecued meats. These are cooked in the smoker as well. You'll even find chunks of my pulled pork in there, along with just the right amount of honey, green peppers, and onions.

Collard Greens - Slow simmered with chunks of smoked pork and just the right seasonings.

Green Beans - Fresh snapped (when available) and cooked with ham hocks.

Corn on the Cob -  Available in season, roasted on the pit, in the husk.

Cole Slaw - The Southern way to eat your pulled pork is with a big dollop of cole slaw on top. If you want to put it on the side, that's OK too.

Potato Salad - Can't hardly have barbecue without potato salad. 

~ Desserts ~

Chocolate Pecan Pie - Also known as "Derby" pie. Homemade, and delicious.

Key Lime Pie - A Florida favorite, also made from scratch.

Banana Pudding- A creamy treat with bananas & vanilla wafers. Goes GREAT with barbecue.

Homemade Cookies - Choose from Toll House, oatmeal, peanut butter, or sugar. Or an assortment of all three.

If you want something that's not on the menu, just ask! Chances are that we can provide it for you.


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