May 292013


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Swamp Boys on BBQ Pitmasters!

ABOUT: Swamp Boys BBQ is a Winter Haven FL based professional barbecue cook team. I began competing as a “pro” in 2004, was a Top 5 team in the Florida BBQ Association (FBA) in 2006 and 2007, was Team of the Year in 2008 and 2009, and have been in the top 3 since then. We were ranked the #1 team in the country for 67 straight weeks, including all of 2009, by the National BBQ Rankings. We have been ranked #1 nationally again here in 2013. We compete primarily in the southeast – FL, AL, GA, SC, NC and TN in both FBA and KCBS contests. We have won over 40 Grand Championships and over 30 Reserve Grand Championships. We won the World Championship in Pork Shoulder. I was hired to go to Brazil on 2 different occasions to train and help open that country’s first ever American-Style Barbecue restaurant. I have taught professional BBQ classes from FL to IL to hundreds of people from all over the country and Canada. I’ve been a spokesman for Kingsford Charcoal at the Daytona Firecracker 400 and the Steve Harvey Show. We’ve been selected to compete in Season 4 of the TV show BBQ Pitmasters. There are many more honors. But to sum it up short and sweet, we’ve been blessed.

CATERING: Besides competing, we also offer world class barbecue catering on a limited basis. Let me provide the best barbecue you’ve ever had for your next event – party, wedding, graduation – whatever. All of our meats are slow smoked the old fashioned way on wood & charcoal burning pits. I use combinations of pecan, cherry, oak, & hickory to smoke the meats from 4 to 16 hours, depending on the cut. The end product is far above & beyond anything you’ve ever had at a “BBQ” restaurant. Guaranteed.

Call or email me today to reserve your date & discuss your menu. Or better still, come visit me at a Barbecue Competition & you can sample some.

My BBQ Catering mission is not to be the cheapest.
It is to be the BEST.

Rob ‘Rub’ Bagby

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Nov 032014

Swamp Boys Q School will hit the road in March and head up to Ankeny Iowa. The class will be held March 14-15 at the Fairfield Inn and Suites, 215 NE Delaware Ave, where rooms are $89. We need 20 people to commit with a $100 deposit by Feb. 1 for the class to take place. Deposits will be refunded if cancelled. Let’s make it happen Iowa!





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Oct 202014

If you didn’t see me online looking for donations for our local kidsPack charity several weeks ago I don’t know how I missed you. I’m sure I was borderline (if not downright) annoying day after day asking for donations of Chef Boyardee microwavable cans and money – to buy more cans. But it was all for a great cause, and also one that is important to me. kidspack

Swamp Boys is part of Big Poppa Smokers “Elite Team”. To see what that means you can read my entry here. Our chosen charity that we compete for is kidsPack, so when there is a local FBA BBQ contest that is hosted by kidsPack, and is a fundraiser for kidsPack, you’d better believe we are all in.


kidpackAlong with the regular bbq contest there is also a “People’s Choice” contest, and the team that can bring the the most cans of Chef Boyardee to be distributed to the kids in need, wins. We won it the first year. We were defending this year. There were rumors of 2,500 cans needed to win this year. After everything was tallied Oct. 4, the Swamp Boys Nation had amassed a whopping 4,000 cans! Unfortunately that was only good enough for 2nd place, BPCK took 1st with 4,500 cans. In total there were over 13,000 cans brought in that weekend which was an amazing amount. Enough to feed all of the children in our area for a month’s worth of weekends. While we didn’t collect the most cans, I know we were all pushing each other to collect more and more. The competition was great.

Speaking of competition, the BBQ part went really well. I managed 3 top ten calls (2nd, 7th, 2nd) out of 39 pro teams which was enough to eek out a Grand Championship! Super happy about that! And thanks to my great sponsors who help make this all possible.

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Sep 082014

Calling on the Swamp Boys Nation!   kidspack

It’s time for SBN to start collecting Chef Boyardee 7.5oz cans to give to Kidspack – Polk Project BBQ Throwdown being held on Oct. 3-4 in Lakeland, FL.

KidsPack is an “organization dedicated to feeding homeless and hungry Polk County school children by providing them a backpack of nutritious food each Friday to sustain them on weekends.” What better way to make the World a better place than to start right here at home where we have far too many hungry kids. Polk County has one of the highest homeless kids percentages in the country. For many the only meals they get are the free lunch and free breakfast at school. The weekend presents a hungry time for these kids, and Kidspack fills it. I’m a 25 year teacher here in Polk County and I see directly all of the good that Kidspack does for our community.

With the help of the Swamp Boys Nation from all across the country and Canada last year, we were able to turn in over 700 cans and win the People’s Choice trophy, but more importantly help feed a lot of hungry children! If we want to win it this year I think it will take close to 2000 cans to win. It will be a challenge but one we can meet. There are 2 ways to help out: one is follow the Amazon link below (or find your own for the same product) and order what you can to help out. You can have it shipped directly to me, send a msg for my address.

Or the second way you can help is to make a financial donation to KidsPAck via PayPal, just click the “Donate” button below. No PayPal account needed, you determine what you want to give.

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Jul 112014

I was honored when Swamp Boys was invited to be a part of the Big Poppa Smokers Elite Team. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Sterling Ball aka Big Poppa Smokers formed the team of like minded pro barbecuers from across the country who believe in Camaraderie, Collaboration, Competition, and Children’s Charity. It’s a great group that I am proud to be a part of.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that one of the main goals for the Elite Teams is to raise money for children’s charities. That is something Big Poppa Smokers has always been involved with on a big scale, and now they are giving us an opportunity to help out as well.


At the beginning of the year, each team chooses a charity that they will be competing for. I have chosen our local kidsPack. In short they help feed the less fortunate children here in Polk County. Surprisingly, almost three in every four students enrolled in Polk County public schools qualify for free or reduced-priced meals. In a Gallup poll, Polk County was ranked as the 3rd worst county in the country for child hunger. There is lots of need right here in our own community. 

So at the beginning of the season, Big Poppa Smokers starts each team off with $1,000 in their “account”. This is not for the team, but actually represents the minimum amount that team will be able to donate to their children’s charity at the end of the season. All during the season the Elite Teams will be competing against each other via points earned at each contest they cook, similar to team of the year points. At the end of the season the team with the most points will have an additional $5,000 dollars added by Big Poppa Smokers, making the winners minimum donation $6,000. I say minimum because BPS also awards each category winner for the season $2,500 to their account for donation. So in all BPS is putting up $30,000 for the Elite Teams to battle for, which all goes to children’s charities!  It’s a win-win: the Elite Teams get to battle all year in a virtual head to head format for bragging rights and raise awareness for their charities, and children’s charities across the country will benefit from the donations. Each one will receive a minimum of $1,000!

To keep up with the race, visit the BPS Elite Teams: Children’s Charity Points Race website. It’s always being updated so check back often. And soon it will have a map showing what the teams are doing to help kids through BBQ. It’s a great program and Swamp Boys is proud to be a part of it.

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