Jan 162014

There was a nice first year contest in Edgewater Jan. 3-4 and Swamp Boys was blessed to take 1st place in chicken, ribs, and brisket. That along with an 8th in pork was good enough for Grand Championship!

1st Place Chicken

1st Place Chicken

1st Place Ribs

1st Place Ribs

1st Place Brisket

1st Place Brisket

Grand Champion

Grand Champion

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Sep 052012

I competed at the FBA “Fun Cook” in Clermont 8/31 – 9/2. I had been wanting to try some changes on each category and I decided this would be a good enough time. I apprehensively put into play these untested ideas and turned in my entries. I didn’t care for the chicken outcome at all, but thought the others were OK. Turn ins were Saturday but awards weren’t until Sunday. I had things to do at home, so I left Sunday before awards. A friend of mine was texting me during awards of how they were going.

No Chicken! Sorry…
…1st Ribs…
…1st Pork…
…Brisket 1st!!!! U 8!+)#!!…
…Swamp Boys GC with three first place calls!”

Pretty cool! Thanks to my sponsors: Butcher BBQ, 3 Eyz BBQ, and BBQR’s Delight. You guys help make it all happen!

PS: Still time to sign up for my Q School!

Three 1st places and Grand Champion!

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Aug 062012

Another year of Dillard is in the books. Amy kept up her tradition of getting a top 3 call in every dessert she’s entered which was awesome! I was excited about how my cook went but the judges didn’t feel the same way. I did manage a tenth place call in brisket to keep from getting shut out though. A big congratulations to JOS on GC and Bubba Latimer on RGC in a super-tough field. Friend Jeff Campbell added another perfect score in brisket to his collection! Florida was well represented and got a lot of calls. Now it’s time to strap on the feed bag and head over to the Dillard House in an hour or so for a big ole lunch 🙂

10th place Brisket

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Sep 062011

We had the annual FBA Fun Cook this past weekend in Clermont. If you’re not familiar with it, the Fun Cook is a time when the judges, cooks, and general membership come together for a weekend of fun. The entry fee and payouts are very low and there are no TOTY points awarded. That’s why it’s call the FUN cook. There was a BBQ class offered, as well as a judging class. We had a great pot luck supper on Saturday night and turn-ins and judging on Sunday.

I took the opportunity to try a new chicken recipe/method to see if I could make some improvements. Well it worked a little as my chicken was no longer at the bottom of the pack, but not nearly where I need it to be.  I received a 12th in chicken, 5th in ribs, 1st in pork, and 3rd in brisket for a 3rd place overall. I’m going to continue to practice on the chicken until it becomes an asset, not a liability.

The next contest will be the start of the new BBQ season for qualifying purposes and I intend to make each one count. Here’s hoping for a strong, consistent year.

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Jun 192010

5th Chicken, 5th Ribs, 9th Pork, 1st Brisket, GRAND CHAMPION/32 Teams

1st place Brisket

Grand Champion!

I got to go to this contest it’s first year and had a great time. I missed going up there last year, so I was happy to see that it worked with my schedule for this summer. The drive up was 8 hours and I arrived around 10:30pm. I got out of the truck and right away felt the heat and humidity. It was still 86 degrees at 10:30 at night! Needless to say the heat was the talk of the weekeend with highs in the low 100’s during the day.

I wasn’t real happy with what I turned out, it seemed like the raw product wasn’t real good to begin with. Guess that shows what I know! The judges liked it, and the Swamp Boys earned their 4th qualifier towards the Jack Daniel’s Lucky 7. It’s gonna be real tough to get there at this point, but I’ll sure give it a try! Thanks to Elba for all the hospitality 🙂

Ranked 3rd in the National BBQ Rankings, 4th in FBA TOTY

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