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Swamp Boys are proud to offer a 25% standing discount to all U.S. Veterans and current military personnel at our online store. Applies to all regularly priced items; already discounted and bulk quantity items not included.
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ABOUT: Swamp Boys are a Winter Haven FL based team and BBQ Food Truck, and now also championship BBQ sauce and rub producer. I began competing as a “pro” in 2004, was a Top 5 team in the Florida BBQ Association (FBA) in 2006 and 2007, was Team of the Year in 2008, 2009, and 2017. I was inducted into the Florida BBQ Association Hall of Fame and awarded Lifetime Membership. We were ranked the #1 team in the country for all of 2009 by the National BBQ Rankings, and again in 2013. We compete primarily in the southeast – FL, AL, GA, SC, NC and TN in both FBA and KCBS contests. We have won 64 professional Grand Championships and 52 Reserve Grand Championships. We were World Champions in Pork at The Jack in ’09, and tied for first in ’17. I was hired to go to Brazil to train and help open that country’s first ever American-Style Barbecue restaurant. I have taught professional BBQ classes from FL to IL to AZ, to The Hague, Netherlands. Hundreds of people from all over the World have attended. I’ve been a spokesman for Kingsford Charcoal. I’ve competed on the TV shows BBQ Pitmasters and Big Bad BBQ Brawl. We’ve been blessed.

CATERING: Besides competing, we also offer world class barbecue catering. We are licensed by the state of Florida, and fully insured. Let me provide the best barbecue you’ve ever had for your next event. All of our meats are slow smoked the old fashioned way on wood & charcoal burning pits. I use combinations of pecan, cherry, oak, & hickory to smoke the meats from 4 to 16 hours, depending on the cut. The end product is far above & beyond anything you’ve ever had at a “BBQ” restaurant. Guaranteed.

Call or email me today to reserve your date & discuss your menu. Or better still, come visit me at a Barbecue Competition & you can sample some.

My BBQ Catering mission is not to be the cheapest.
It is to be the BEST.



Rob ‘Rub’ Bagby


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  1. Rub – P***** at myself when I saw where you were tonight. Red, White, & Barbecue is my backyard competition. I live 10 minutes from Ty Warner Park. I do not compete, but I am pretty good. I’m friends with many local who compete at Red, White, & Barbecue. Mark Linc, Uncle Bub’s, is a friend of mine. I’ve gone up and “hung” with some on Friday night before competition. This year’s Red, White, & Barbecue was first I have missed in years an I cannot even remember why. Knew you were in Illinois. You had posted something but obviously could not say where. Knew you did the Cabela’s end of March first of April, but I was out of town then. Knew Myron was here Memorial Day weekend. Saw something about a personal appearance in the city (Chicago).
    Tough loss tonight, what I thought was going to lose it for her, the Bacon Explosion, meatloaf, actually won it for her. Know you’ll get another chance and win.
    I’ve burned in excess of 120 lb of charcoal and wood on my Weber smokers an grills since Father’s Day. I cook just about every day. I have a dedicated springform pan, drilled on bottom and sides, that I use for meatloaf. I use also for a barbecued cheesecake – cornbread crust, leftover barbecue meat, rub instead of sugar, peppers, onions, etc – whatever I add or have on hand when I do. They are actually pretty good.
    Now that you know the way north, hope you let me know the next time you come to Illinois. Come on up and cook next year’s Red, White, & Barbecue. Know you know Scotty from Cancer Sucks Chicago. He cooks a lot of FBA in the winter. He’s from Westmont and cooks R, W, & B.
    I’ve often thought of my own barbecue business. Full serve barbecue supply. Know there is or used to be a great store in Lakeland. I’ve been there, it was featured in Barbecue News several years ago. I no longer do, but was in Lakeland frequently on business. There is only one full serve barbecue supply in entire metro area Backyard Barbecue in Wilmette. Know area can handle more.
    I just went another direction in my prefessional career. I incorporated last week and am setting up my own little consulting company to supply safety management services to small fleet trucking companies in Chicago metro area. Thi is my professional area of expertise.
    Bad break, great run, best to you and Amy for your future. Happy Anniversary – not sure today or Memorial Day weekend.
    Larry Corall

  2. Hello! Sorry to leave a message in this response page, but I am trying to find out if you have classes in Florida soon. It’s October 10th, 2015… and I would really like to attend your class.

  3. Hi Gabe,

    I just held one a week ago here in Winter Haven, sorry you missed it. I don’t have any dates yet but there will for sure be several in 2016.

  4. When is your next cooking class? Please send response to thanks

  5. I bought some of your bbq sauce a couple of years ago. Realized I still have an unopened jar of it. Can you give me an idea of the shelf life you recommend? Again, it’s unopened and the seal appears to be intact. Thanks

  6. My sauces have a 4 year shelf life.

  7. What is the address of your march Winter haven school and what are your hotel recommendations?

  8. You can find the address on the application. It is
    Citrus Center Boys Club
    2400 Havendale Blvd
    Winter Haven, FL
    If you Google ‘hotels near 2400 Havendale Blvd Winter Haven’ you will get a long list. The Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express are the nicest. With the rest I’ll say you get what you pay for.

  9. am I missing pictures on your site,A good BBQ man puts his product on the front page and it sells itsself,I cant find pictures of anything you have cooked anywhere,How come?

  10. Thanks for checking out my site. This site is used for sharing news and information about Swamp Boys. I have hundreds of food pictures on my Facebook page if you’d like to see some.

  11. I was at smoke on the water and had tried some of yalls ribs and those were the best ribs I have ever had. Could you please email me the next event you guys will be at or if you have a restaurant?

  12. Thanks Tyler! Unfortunately our next public event will not be until the weekend before Thanksgiving at the Plant City PigJam. But if something does come up between now and then, you’ll hear about it here. Be sure to subscribe. Thanks again.

  13. Great BBQ !!! Charlie Belcher Channel 13 News thinks so too 🤠 SWAMP BOYS RULES!!!! 🐊

  14. Thanks Dave, we appreciate your support!

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