May 202016

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Kregg Halbert has been a long time barbecue friend of mine from the beginning. He and his team “Naked Bones” are from Lakeland, about 12 miles away. Within the past two months Kregg and his family have learned that his 6 year old grandson Colton has Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Of course Colton’s mother (Kregg’s daughter) had to quit her job to be by her son’s side. Money will be tight. This is where we all come in.

I am putting up a seat for any of my Q Schools in the future. The next class is being held June 25-26 in Winter Haven, FL. Click the PayPal link to make a donation of $25 to Colton and his family to help with living expenses. Each $25 donation will earn you a chance in a drawing for a free seat in my class which is valued at $500. When we reach $500 in donations I will have a drawing and notify the winner. Thanks for helping Colton!

UPDATE: the drawing is over, thanks to all who contributed! If you missed it and still want to help you can go directly to their GoFundMe page linked below. Thanks again everyone!

Colton’s GoFundMe page

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  9 Responses to “Fundraiser for Colton – Cancer Sucks!”

  1. paid 2 entries for J/Macs BBQ– Jeremy

  2. 2 entries from Kick Yo’ Butt BBQ. Prayers for Colton!!

  3. Thanks to both of you for your donations.

  4. I must have gotten in a little too late for the drawing never heard my name called on the live feed. No Matter glad to help out Colton!

  5. Hey Bracken, the PayPal donation button was down already. You made a donation directly to their GoFundMe account for $50. Thanks man!

  6. Here’s $100.00

  7. Thanks James, I see you found their Go Fund Me page. Excellent, thanks again!

  8. Man thank YOU for doing what you do! Great man and woman!

  9. Good on you Rub. Livestrong Colton, you will be in our prayers!

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