May 142010

Competing in professional barbecue contests 30+ times a year can get to be expensive pretty quickly. With meat and fuel prices on the rise, any bit of aid is very helpful. I have been blessed to have Stump and Stump’s Smokers as a major sponsor for several years now. He builds the finest smokers and trailers on the market today. If you live in the FL area and are interested in a Stump’s Smoker or custom built trailer, shoot me an email and I’ll help you out. I am the FL authorized dealer.

Butcher’s BBQ Brisket Marinade is the best tasting marinade deemed by highly skilled and qualified judges from barbecue cook-offs sanctioned by various barbecue associations from around the United States and Canada. I use it exclusively on my briskets, which helps keep me ranked in the top 2-3 in brisket in the country! National BBQ Rankings

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May 122010

1st place Brisket, 9th Overall/38 Teams

I won this contest last year, giving me my lucky #7 for the auto into The Jack. Not so this year. I felt I cooked really well but only managed one call, a first in brisket. I had a friend make the walk for me as I had to leave early to make it back in time for my daughter’s dance recital. She did much better than I did, with every one of her dance numberrs being awesome. 🙂

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May 052010

Save the dates: June 25-26
Competition techniques class
Details will follow…

Here’s what they are saying about the first class:

“Taking your class absolutely improved our scores and my wife and I couldn’t be happier….Thanks again for offering your time and experience to teaching others to perfect the Art of BBQ.  It was well worth the money spent.” Greg P.

“Just wanted to let you know that your school shed a lot of light on different cooking technics. I cooked in my first contest since the school,Dade City. I got three calls, chicken 9th, brisket 8th and pork 7th, my best finishes yet.”  Doug B.

“All and all it was a kick ass class.  Would definitely take it again.” Jon W

“Annette and I enjoyed your class tremendously, and learned a lot…” Jerry B

“Loved the class have been telling everyone I see how great it was, if you decide to have another in FL I have several students lined up for you.” Greg B

“I have to say I really enjoyed the class and I met some great people that I hope to meet again when I start cooking FBA and KCBS.” Alec C

“I can definitely say that Rub’s class was well worth the money for us. We have competed in 4 FBA contests since Rub’s class and have 1 grand, 2 reserves and 5 category wins to show for it. We learned a great amount from Rub and took a stockpile of notes. He was very detailed and wanted to make sure every question was answered…” Chad W

Email and reserve your spot today.

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