Oct 212010

I have been so busy the past few months I’ve fallen way behind on my updates. Too many good things have been happening lately, so I’m just going to jump ahead…

I hadn’t been completely happy with my finishes this year, so I began to work on some changes.
First test – FBA Fun Cook, Clermont FL, Grand Champion/43 teams (1st in chicken)
Second test – Grant BBQ Fest, Grant FL, 4th/44 teams
Third test – Central FL BBQ Festival, Sebring FL, 3rd/30 teams

At this point I’m pretty happy with my changes and feel I have everything dialed in about right.

Oct. 8-9: Fine Swine at the Pit, Mulberry FL, Grand Champion/25 teams (1st ribs, 1st pork)

Grand Champion Mulberry







I was fortunate enough to have won this contest last year, so repeating was pretty awesome. Plus it begins my countdown to The Jack 2011: 1 Qualifier!

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