May 022012

Swamp Boys Q School will be held June 29-30 in Clermont FL at Clerbrook RV Resort. Take the class that will help elevate your BBQ cooking skills to a new level. The list of graduates who go on to win their first Grand Championship grows steadily all across the country. Class size will be limited, don’t delay.

Click here for application: Class June 2012

The typical Q School class is as follows:

  • Friday 1pm begin class
  • Detailed and in-depth discussions and demonstrations on the 4 main meats, from selections to injections
  • Prime Rib dinner around 7pm
  • Informal discussions on anything BBQ, put the big meats on the smokers
  • Saturday morning breakfast around 7:30
  • Ribs go on, then chicken
  • Final touches on meats, box building 2 ways per meat
  • Q & A until everyone is satisfied and there are no more questions
  • Usually around 2:30pm we wrap it up
  • Go home and practice!

The methods you’ll learn can be used with any style cooker, they’re not smoker specific. This class is great for everyone from the novice to the pro who needs that extra edge to move into upper ranks.
I have over 200 BBQ contests worth of experience to share, come and get it!

Click here for application: Class June 2012

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