Nov 232012

There are 2 opportunities to enter:

I am donating all the proceeds from 1 seat to my good friend Scottie’s (Cancer Sucks Chicago!) special cause, the “Corliss Johnson Memorial Foundation.”

I am happy to announce that all tickets benefiting the Corliss Johnson Memorial Foundation have been sold.

There are still tickets available through the IBBQA,
see below.

The second seat proceeds will go to the Illinois BBQ Alliance to aid in their charitable acts.

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Nov 192012

This was our 9th year competing in this 10th year contest. Plant City is only about 45 minutes from home and is always well attended by both teams and the public. Teams came in from no less than 9 different states and Canada, and the crowds weren’t too bad either. We always sell our bbq here and the crew did another great job selling 2 cases of butts, 8 cases of ribs, and 2 cases of corn.









The contest side of things seemed to go very well too. I felt I had done my best and was very satisfied with my turn ins. And for the most part the judges agreed, although they didn’t like my pork and brisket as much as I did. But in the end Swamp Boys was fortunate enough to get a 1st place in chicken, 6th in ribs, and Reserve Grand Champion out of 48 teams.

Thank you to my great sponsors for helping me out – BBQR’s Delight, Butcher BBQ, and 3 Eyz BBQ.

1st place chicken


Reserve Grand Champion!




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Nov 112012

This was a first year Qualifying contest and it was well attended by some quality teams. There were a few logistics issues with the organizers but in the end everything worked out. I felt fortunate to have 4 top 10 calls with a 7th in chicken, 4th in ribs, 3rd in pork and a 1st in brisket.

Next up is Plant City where we will be vending our World Championship pulled pork and “Best of the Best”ribs!

1st place brisket

Grand Champion!

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