Jan 272013

This was our 10th year competing at the Lakeland Pig Fest, our first year was in Backyard and the next nine as a Pro. It is our largest vending gig and this year we set a Swamp Boys record. Between Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon I cooked 120 racks of ribs and 150 pounds of pork, plus my contest meats. Add in the 4 bushels of corn and the Swamp Babes did a fantastic job moving all that food!

The competition side was disappointing for me as I did not get a single call. First time in several years that’s happened. I ended up 22nd out of 70 pro teams. It broke a string of 7 contests of finishing in the top 3. Lakeland has always been challenging for me for whatever reason. I think I might just look at it as a great vending chance from now on. On the plus side in the overall standings the Grand Champion, 3rd, 4th, and 6th place teams (out of 70) are all grads of Swamp Boys Q School. I was pretty excited about that!

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Jan 132013

The second FBA contest of the year, the second RGC of the year. Jim McCoin always organizes a great contest and this one was no different. My category numbers were chicken 7th, ribs 6th, pork 2nd, brisket 6th. Big congratulations to Forrest’s Fine Foods for winning Grand Champion!

Reserve Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion

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Jan 062013

Ziggy Dick’s in Naples FL was the first contest of the 2013 season and it started out well for Swamp Boys. I scored a 6th in chicken, 2nd in ribs, 1st in pork, and 7th in brisket which was good enough to claim Reserve Grand Champion. Congratulations go out to Wooley Bully for winning Grand Champion. It’s fun getting edged out by former students 😉

1st place pork!

1st place pork!


Reserve Grand Champion!

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