Dec 202016

People often ask me if I still enjoy BBQ competitions and BBQ life. My answer is always a big heck yeah! The friendships, experiences, and travel are amazing. The opportunities that come up are incredible. This past year has been no exception. Here it is by the numbers:

  • 26 contests in 4 states – FL, GA, AL, KS
  • 3 Grand Championships, 3 Reserve Grands

    Mary, Pat, Woody and Tammy were all able to join us in KS for The Royal.

  • 17 Top 5 Overall including 5 times 3rd
  • 4 Perfect Scores including 2 Perfect-Perfect FBA
  • 16 category 1st place calls
  • Vended as well as competed at 5 contests
  • 2nd place FBA team of the Year
  • Recorded my 50th career Grand Championship (now at 51)
  • Taught 3 Swamp Boys Q Schools

Had I chose to not compete in the American Royal Invitational and Open, we would have come in the top 5 for KCBS TOTY for teams with 5 or less contests. The American Royal blew that all to heck though! But I wouldn’t trade the time with friends for anything.

Pro Grand Championship #50

Other fun events for ’16:

  • Did an onsite promo for Bass Pro Shops
  • Got to BBQ with a Special Olympian in Venice, and he won!
  • Launched “Rub’s Original Rub
  • Won GC using a 7th different style smoker
  • Plans in the works for a class in Australia

And as always, a big Thank You to my sponsors. Every one of them matter.

  • Deep South Smokers – simply the best quality and performance smokers. 100% usable interior space, the most even temp’d cooker I’ve ever used. Built by hand in the USA. Look for some exciting new pits in ’17.
  • Big Poppa Smokers and Simply Marvelous aka West Coast Offense – some amazing rubs and injections from these 2. I use them every contest. So do the best teams in the country. Proud to be a West Coast Offense team!
  • Nature’s Own Hardwood Charcoal from Basques – Every time I cook. Clean and predictable sugar maple lump. Nothing else. Why would you cook on anything other than all wood?
  • Grizzly Coolers – I’m proud to be an ambassador for the best coolers on the market. Made in the USA. Lifetime Warranty. Try to top that.
  • Master Purveyors – If it walks, flies, crawls or swims – they have it! Not to mention the best competition briskets (A-9) available anywhere. Get in touch and tell them I sent you. They ship.
  • The BBQ Guru – Hands down the best thermostat/draft system for smokers anywhere. I’ve been using them since they started back in the early 2000s. Makes minding your pit incredibly easy and produces consistent results.
  • Butcher BBQ – David Bouska has lived and breathed meat and BBQ most of his life and his products reflect that. He’s used his knowledge to produce some amazing injections, rubs, sauces and oils. I use his products every contest and am proud to be a Pro Staff team.
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  2 Responses to “2016: That’s a Wrap”

  1. Hi
    I’m very interessted in learning more for my backyard BBQing. When will your next class be. Any chance it will be around february/march. We are in the area then, and would really love to participate one or two.

    Kind regards from Denmark

  2. Hi Jannie,

    Looks like you are in luck, see the email I sent you.

    Merry Christmas,


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