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If you’ve never had a BBQ “fatty” you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s a fairly simple concoction that has breakfast sausage for the base, and to that you can add most anything to make it your own. Here’s how I made mine…

1 lb Jimmy Dean Regular sausage
1 lb Jimmy Dean Hot sausage
1 lb Hormel Black Label Maple bacon
1 lb deli sliced pepper jack cheese
Swamp Boys Original Rub
Swamp Boys BBQ Sauce
wax paper

Divide the regular and hot sausage chubs in half. Blend a half of each to make 2 new chubs, mix well.
On a sheet of wax paper press out one chub into a rectangle, 6-8″ wide and 16-18″ long, about 1/4″ thick.
Season the meat with Swamp Boys Original Rub.
Lay 4-5 slices of pepper jack cheese end to end so they cover from one end to the other of the sausage. There should be an inch or two of meat showing on the edges. See image:

Meat and cheese layout

Starting at one end peel the meat away from the wax paper and gently begin rolling it into a log (fatty) being sure to keep it firmly together so there are no gaps or air pockets. Do the same with the other chub and the remainder of the the cheese.
Season the outside of each fatty with more Swamp Boys rub.
Using half the bacon create a weaved mat and lay it over the fatty, tucking the edges under the bottom. Season the fatties again with more rub.

Fatties ready for the smoker.
*The original post had an unlabeled bottle of rub in the picture. I’ve patched in a labeled bottle*

Smoke the fatties at 325-350° to an internal temperature of 165°, about 90 minutes or so. All smokers are different, start checking the temp at 60 minutes.

The last 5-10 minutes  brush on Swamp Boys BBQ Sauce (coming here soon!) or your favorite. Put them back in the smoker to set the sauce.

I just glazed one when they were at 155°, left the other one plain.

I just glazed one when they were at 155°, left the other one plain.

When finished let the fatties rest for about 10 minutes before slicing. If you skip this part the hot cheese will run out and you’ll miss out on the goodness.

Unsauced and sauced. They ended up all getting Swamp Sauced!

Unsauced and sauced. They ended up all getting Swamp Sauced!









The great thing with fatties is you can wrap just about anything up inside them that you want. Mushrooms, onions, green peppers, hash browns, scrambled eggs, a layer of bbq sauce or syrup, you decide. If the food you’re putting on the inside is usually served cooked, cook it before hand. Let it cool before wrapping. The bacon wrap is optional, but is it really? Have fun making fatties!

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