Nov 152010

Oct. 15-16: Coweta Up in Smoke BBQ Cook Off, Newnan GA, Grand Champion/41 teams (1st ribs – Perfect Score!)
In the 10 years the FBA has been in business there has never been a perfect score. That means that out of an estimated 16,000 bbq entries that have been turned in for judging in the FBA, not once has each of the six judges given an entry a 10 in Presentation, a 10 in Taste, and a 10 in Tenderness. That is until now!

Perfect Score in Ribs!

October 16, 2010, Swamp Boys became the first team in the history of the FBA to receive a perfect score, which was awarded in the Rib category. Honored, humbled, excited, and proud are just a few of the emotions I experienced that day. And then to make it all that much better, I won Grand Champion in a very tough field of my peers. And then lightening struck again: Wooley Bully BBQ – a graduate of Swamp Boys Q School – scored the seecond ever perfect score, this time in Brisket.

It was a great day, at a great contest, with great friends!

The Jack 2011: 2nd Qualifier!

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