Sep 082014

Calling on the Swamp Boys Nation!   kidspack

It’s time for SBN to start collecting Chef Boyardee 7.5oz cans to give to Kidspack – Polk Project BBQ Throwdown being held on Oct. 3-4 in Lakeland, FL.

KidsPack is an “organization dedicated to feeding homeless and hungry Polk County school children by providing them a backpack of nutritious food each Friday to sustain them on weekends.” What better way to make the World a better place than to start right here at home where we have far too many hungry kids. Polk County has one of the highest homeless kids percentages in the country. For many the only meals they get are the free lunch and free breakfast at school. The weekend presents a hungry time for these kids, and Kidspack fills it. I’m a 25 year teacher here in Polk County and I see directly all of the good that Kidspack does for our community.

With the help of the Swamp Boys Nation from all across the country and Canada last year, we were able to turn in over 700 cans and win the People’s Choice trophy, but more importantly help feed a lot of hungry children! If we want to win it this year I think it will take close to 2000 cans to win. It will be a challenge but one we can meet. There are 2 ways to help out: one is follow the Amazon link below (or find your own for the same product) and order what you can to help out. You can have it shipped directly to me, send a msg for my address.

Or the second way you can help is to make a financial donation to KidsPAck via PayPal, just click the “Donate” button below. No PayPal account needed, you determine what you want to give.

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  1. I request that this donation be in the name of
    Blue Knights law Enforcement Motorcycle Club
    Florida XXXII
    Thank you
    Steve Shortridge
    Vice President

  2. Thank you very much!

  3. This donation is being made in the name of

  4. Thanks very much!

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