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Robin (L) and her sister Tammy at Moffitt Cancer Center receiving first round of chemo.

UPDATED July 7, Robin has completed her first round of chemo!

We were all sad to find out that our teammate and great friend Robin has breast cancer. She has begun treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center and she will beat this. To help with the financial stress that comes from this, we are offering these Swamp Boys breast cancer tee shirts. All proceeds will go to help Robin with copays, travel expenses, and raising her grandchildren.

I will submit the order a week from today, July 14.  They will all be shipped as soon as I get them from the printers. Prices include shipping. Thank you all for your support and helping Robin beat this.

UPDATE: People were requesting a “Donation” button, so here it is:


Cancer Sucks - Comp







Cancer Sucks1 - Comp


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  12 Responses to “Help Us Help Robin – Back by Popular Demand”

  1. Rub. Can we make a contribution? Would like to help out some way. Need an address!

  2. If you want to forgo the t-shirt and make an outright contribution, we can do that. I will email my address to you. Thank you Tom!

  3. Rob, is it okay that I’ve been sharing this on FB? I’m ordering 2 Tee’s Friday too.

  4. You bet, the more the better.
    Thanks PG!

  5. Hey Rub,
    I ordered a womens large for the wife, but can you change it to a mens large she dont like “womens cut”.and i ordered me the 3Xl.
    Jeremy ” J’Mac ” Walker.

  6. Gotcha, thanks!

  7. i ordered one shirt for my wife and accidentally ordered small can you change it to a medium i am ordering the others now

  8. So what should your total order be?

  9. […] Order your “Swamp Out Cancer” t-shirt HERE, and help our teammate Robin beat Breast Cancer  […]

  10. Hey Rob, I need i more t-shirt before you order 🙂 Pink xl. Thanks Buddy!!

  11. So two shirts total, correct?

  12. yes that is correct 😀 Thanks!!

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