Jul 132010

The day after Kingsford asked me to help promote them at Daytona, they asked if I would fly to Detroit and represent them at a live remote for the Steve Harvey Morning Show. I thought it sounded like fun so I agreed.

Being Interviewed

I arrived in Detroit Wednesday evening, then made my way to the Home Depot Thursday morning at 5:00am to prepare for the interview. There was a live studio audience of around 700. I was told I’d have 6-8 minutes of air time with Steve, but by the time all was said and done my segment was closer to the 20 minute mark. We had a lot of fun talking about grilling, different charcoals, lighting methods, etc. I even got in a pretty good joke!

I got some laughs!

His sidekick “Nephew Tommy” was asking me lots of questions during the break as well. I think these guys take their grilling pretty seriously and were taking advantage of this time to get lots of great tips and tricks. And hopefully some of the 8 million listeners of his nationally syndicated morning show will take note as well and go buy some Kingsford! 🙂

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