Jan 042015

I am happy to announce that Swamp Boys Q School has been invited to teach Q School the Wednesday and Thursday (Feb. 25th-26th) prior to the 6th Annual Lake Havasu Music Brews & BBQ Championship.

If paying by check, mail to the address on the application. If you want to pay by credit card, use this PayPal button. The fee PayPal charges is shown in the price. You will still need to get an application to me.

Deadline to sign up is Feb. 9!


Payment Options – AZ




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  8 Responses to “Lake Havasu City, AZ to Host Swamp Boys Q School”

  1. Very interested in attending….

  2. Thanks Tom. I should have the details worked out within the week hopefully.


  3. I’m also very interested in attending your class

  4. Would love to have you join us Fred.

  5. Do you have an application for his class yet?

  6. Just got it posted.

  7. Do you still have space in the Lake Havasu class? I am interested in attending if my road trip from Canada comes together in the next few days.



  8. Still plenty of seats for this class.

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