Jul 022012

We had another very successful Swamp Boys Q School this past weekend in Clermont Florida. Twenty BBQ enthusiasts came in from 5 states to learn the finer points of BBQ, and we covered everything from the back yard to catering to competing. The weather was a little on the warm side but we survived and all left knowing a lot more than when we started. Watch for these folks at a contest near you. I expect they will be “making some noise.”

I’d like to thank the class sponsors who sent their products for everyone to sample: 3 Eyz BBQ, Butcher BBQ, Buttrub.com, Oakridge BBQ, Sorry Boys, Spicewine Ironworks, and Wicked Que. Great product from great companies, thank you.

A big thank you to Clark and Bridgette Whitcomb for all of the help and support during the class. You made my life much easier and fed us some great grub. I really appreciate you two. And also to Dorsey Odell for playing guitar, singing, and entertaining us Friday night. We enjoyed rousing renditions of The FBA Song, Team Unknown Blues, Shoot You in the Ass With a BB Gun, and many others. It kept the raccoons and possums away for the night which is always a plus, thank you Mr. Odell for that service.

June 2012 Graduating Class!

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