Jun 032015

Our teammate Robin who has breast cancer has asked me to share a thank you note with all of you who have helped by buying t-shirts, making donations, and offering prayers:

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for buying a shirt! From friends at work, through BBQ and my Swamp Boys Family, to those who just saw us wearing the shirts and took time to ask, or those who I don’t know at all, but maybe just had cancer touch their lives in some way; you have all touched my life now and I can’t thank you enough.

Special thanks to Rob, Amy, and Jenna for everything they have done and continue to do daily. Hugs, smiles and jokes are so important right now too!

Things are going well and I’m in my 2nd round of chemo with surgery to follow near the end of summer and radiation after. With all the prayers and support, I am very optimistic and feel I’ll be fine. Hope to see some of you for our local BBQ competitions in the next year.

Love and Thanks,

Below is a collection of pictures of friends who have joined in the fight. Hover over a picture or click on it to see a larger view. Thanks so much to all who have helped in any way, you are awesome. God Bless.

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  1. Rub, you and Amy … and the rest of BBQ Land… have done some wonderful work here. This Thank You from Robin is so sweet and heartfelt. If anyone has ever talked to her, I’m sure they’d agree that her sweetness comes shining through. Love the image, too! Very nice.

  2. Thanks Kevin, it’s all about helping each other when we can. We appreciate the BBQ community and beyond. All very caring people, and with everyone’s help we’ll get Robin through this.

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