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Swamp Boys famous Q School will be held in Clermont FL on July 12-13, 2013. This popular Barbecue class has been taught to hundreds of people from across the US as well as Canada and Brazil. Students will learn all of the techniques that we have used to win over 40 Grand Championships and over 30 Reserve Grand Championships. We cover everything from meat selection through turn ins, and everything in between. Great for beginners or for the Pro who’s looking to find those two or three tips that will elevate your barbecue to the top levels. Follow this link for an application: Summer Q School

July Class Clermont

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  6 Responses to “Summer Q School Announced!”

  1. hey guys any room left for the school please let me know would love to sign up ,,,Thanks,. Randy

  2. Yes sir, send your app and check and you’re in.

  3. What time does the class begin on Friday?

  4. Probably noon, 1pm at the latest.

  5. Any more classes scheduled ?

  6. Not yet, but look for one in early 2014 if not sooner. Depends on demand.

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