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Swamp Boys Q School will be held June 29-30 in Clermont FL at Clerbrook RV Resort. Take the class that will help elevate your BBQ cooking skills to a new level. The list of graduates who go on to win their first Grand Championship grows steadily all across the country. Class size will be limited, don’t delay.

Click here for application: Class June 2012

The typical Q School class is as follows:

  • Friday 1pm begin class
  • Detailed and in-depth discussions and demonstrations on the 4 main meats, from selections to injections
  • Prime Rib dinner around 7pm
  • Informal discussions on anything BBQ, put the big meats on the smokers
  • Saturday morning breakfast around 7:30
  • Ribs go on, then chicken
  • Final touches on meats, box building 2 ways per meat
  • Q & A until everyone is satisfied and there are no more questions
  • Usually around 2:30pm we wrap it up
  • Go home and practice!

The methods you’ll learn can be used with any style cooker, they’re not smoker specific. This class is great for everyone from the novice to the pro who needs that extra edge to move into upper ranks.
I have over 200 BBQ contests worth of experience to share, come and get it!

Click here for application: Class June 2012

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  22 Responses to “Summer Q School Dates Announced”

  1. Hey Rub , We are a team that competes in some of the flbbq contest. Me and the wife are interested in your class in clermont and have a question. First we wondered if there is still room, and second woulod we be required to bring a smoker?

    Thanks Mark

  2. Hi Mark,

    Yes there is still some room and no smokers are not required. Most do not bring them.
    Hope you can join us!


  3. I am interested in your cooking class. Is there a place for a judge who wants to upgrade his smoking knowledge and learn more about competition techniques. I have smoked for large groups over the years but never using the flavorings and pro methods. My desire is to move into cooking during the next two years once my equipment is upgraded and I feel my abilities are where they should be. Any feedback?

  4. Hi Jim,

    Of course there is a place for you! I love it when judges show interest in the other side and want to expand their knowledge base. This class is perfect for your situation and I hope you can join us.



  5. Hi, Jim
    I’ve got the registration filled out and am ready to mail. Still room? I would like to get the airfare reserved today if possible.


  6. You are in, book it!

  7. Thank you for the comments. I am sending my application today and emailing a copy for your use. Hope there is still an opening…

  8. I’m saving a spot for you Jim, you’re in!


  9. Rub:

    I am filling out the application. Please let me know if there is still room for ONE more…:)

  10. You are in Stephen, thanks!

  11. i am mailing a app. today do you have room

  12. I do have room Spike, I’ll save your spot.

  13. Is there still room? I would like to send my husband as a Father’s Day Gift.

  14. Hello Rub….I would like to reserve a spot for the June 29-30 class and looks like this is the last week to reserve. I can mail my application today/tomorrow along with check to reserve a spot. Can you confirm there is room and I will send off the information.

    Thank you. Looking forward to making the trip from Atlanta.


  15. Yes, there are a few spots left. Go ahead and send it in asap and I will hold you a seat.
    Thank you,

  16. Yes, there are a few spots left. Go ahead and send it in asap and I will hold a seat for him..
    Thank you,

  17. Great. I am sending it out this morning so you should have it on Monday/Tuesday.

    Thank you


  18. I was just wondering if there were any classes in July 2012? We have a competition the weekend of the class so I was just checking other dates. Thank you!

  19. Nothing is scheduled for July, sorry. There may be one open the first weekend in October though.

  20. Oh no, last night I realized I had missed your BBQ class in Clermont– where I live.
    How often do you have your classes? Do you plan on having one in Clermont again this year?

    Thank you!

  21. Nothing scheduled in Clermont right now. I do have one set up in Venice Oct. 6-7 and am starting a waiting list for it. Email me if you want on the list. Thanks!

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