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Preferred lodging: 

Holiday Inn $129.00 – Phone:863-292-2100 – Fax: 863-292-2101 –www.holidayinn.com/winterhavenfl
Hampton Inn $119.00 (includes breakfast) – Phone: 863-299-9251 – Fax: 863-401-9388 – www.hampton-inn.com/hi/winterhaven


Click Here For Application 

Preferred lodging: 

Holiday Inn $129.00 – Phone:863-292-2100 – Fax: 863-292-2101 –www.holidayinn.com/winterhavenfl
Hampton Inn $119.00 (includes breakfast) – Phone: 863-299-9251 – Fax: 863-401-9388 – www.hampton-inn.com/hi/winterhaven
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  39 Responses to “Swamp Boys & 3 Eyz BBQ Team Up for Super Q School!”

  1. Do you guys have a spouse rate- she doesn’t cook but will be with me


  2. We would be interested in the class but are looking for additional information before committing.

    Will we actually be cooking all 4 categories? KCBS or any other meats?

    Is this class just class room and technics or will we be cooking all 4 meats etc including cutting and presentation?

    Is the marinade, injection and rub what you guys use or will this be a technique only class.

    Also is there a spousal discount for husband /wife team?

  3. Email sent Mike, thanks.

  4. Email sent Dave, thanks.

  5. Sounds like a winning combo class. Could you give me the spouse rate also?

  6. Spouse rate is 50% off, 750 + 375 = 1125.
    Hope you can join us!

  7. I’m really trying to work this out. Need to get the wife onboard. What’s the class size and how fast is it filling up?

  8. We are aiming to limit the class size to 50 or less. There will be multiple instructors to help keep the student to teacher pretty low. Sign ups are good for it being still 4 months out. I’m sure it will build momentum as we get closer.

  9. Hello,

    Sort of have the same questions as Mike above and I see you responded to him by email.

    Will this be actually cooking all four categories for demonstration? Also is it techniques or will you be sharing your competition recipes/marinades/rubs?

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

  10. Hi Tim,

    We will each be cooking all 4 meats. My part of it is primarily techniques, with a discussion of flavor profiles. I do discuss my pork and brisket injections. It’s my opinion that there are quite a few combos of well known rubs and sauces that can win when used with perfectly cooked Q. Dan has said that he will be discussing all of his sauces and rubs at some point during the class.

    Hope you can join us,


  11. There should be a class called “How to be a BBQ Spouse”…. I will be there I think ,maybe that could be my class:) Looking forward to it!!

  12. My wife has said that for years too. There’s a side job for you guys!

  13. Hi. I see there will be multiple instructors for this class. Will there be classes or lessons, taking place at the same time? I would hate to miss out on a lesson because I was in another one at the same time.

    Hope my question make sense.



  14. Hi Wallace,

    All instruction will be one at a time, so you will not have to decide what to watch. You will see both team’s presentations.

    Thanks for asking,


  15. […] What a great weekend to end the competition year in the FBA. An invitational event & and an open event, being run simultaneously, with the best teams in the FBA, going head to head, and in the end it was Swamp Boys taking home the FBA Triple Crown!!!! Rob “Rub” Bagby, has had an incredible run in the FBA, the last few months, earning GC’s in 5 of his last 6 competitions (in the FBA, Rob has been scoring well in KCBS also), including the invitational this weekend. Great job, to a great team, congratulations Swamp Boys BBQ!!!  Be sure to check out Rob’s upcoming BBQ class, he will be teaming up with the guys from 3 Eyzs BBQ, you DON”T want to miss this one!!! For information on this great class, Click here […]

  16. I did not see this info and maybe I missed it. Time for start on Friday and end on Saturday?

  17. It hasn’t been posted yet, but It will be 11am Friday to 3pm Saturday.


  19. We haven’t sent it out yet Tom but will shortly. We begin at 11am Friday, go through dinner. Start Saturday at 7 with a light breakfast, class at 7:30. Should be done by 3pm.

  20. Is there still room to sign up?

  21. There are a handful of seats left. Please let me know if you want in ASAP.



  22. Application and check in the mail tomorrow. Thanks

  23. Please count me in as well. Application and check will go in the mail by Monday. There’s a blizzard bearing down on us in the Northeast, and I’ll be busy for the next couple of days first battening down the hatches, then digging out. Florida sounds really good right about now!

  24. Sounds good, and good luck!

  25. Are there still any openings for this class march 8th and 9th

  26. Per our conversation I’ve put a check in the mail this morning for the total. Thanks!

  27. Check is in the mail for full amount for wife and me.


  28. Rub is there any spots left for the cooking school on the 8th ? My wife and I would like to come to Florida and learn from the pros. Thank You Jack

  29. Yes sir, we have a few spots left. Please print out and fill out the applications and get them and a check in the mail Saturday to ensure you two get in. Than you!


  30. Rub sending a check by UPS to you. You should it by Tuesday. thanks Jack Jones

  31. Hey Rub .. What time does the class run from and to .. also, what is the spouse discount..thanks

  32. Starts 11am Friday, concludes 3pm Saturday. Spouse price is $375. I need to know ASAP, the cutoff has passed.

  33. I’ll send my check today. Thanks rub

  34. Rub and Dan, I hoe you guys got some warmer weather than what’s up here in northern VA right now! It is colder then a well diggers butt!

    Looking forward to your class!


  35. Looks like it should be in the mid to upper 70’s during the day, 50’s at night.

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