Aug 042018

Swamp Boys in Publix Florida Local program

It has been a long process but I am proud to announce that you can now buy Swamp Boys Original BBQ Sauce at selected (205) Publix stores. Publix invited us to take part in their “Florida Local” program which showcases smaller Florida based food companies. Look for us on the Florida Local end cap. And if your Publix doesn’t currently have it, just ask the manager to order it in for you. They will be happy to. Even if you don’t live in Florida, and Publix now has the ability to order it in.

08/10 EDIT: The map is offline. Usage was exceeded and they disabled it. I will be working to create a new map that will not have this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Here is a link to a map showing the Publix stores carrying it (green markers), current independent retailers (red markers), and online only retailers (yellow markers). Zoom in and click on the marker nearest you for more information, or find your city on the list. And thanks for being a key part of the Swamp Boys Nation!

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  2 Responses to “Swamp Boys BBQ Sauce Now Available in Publix!”

  1. I went to 4 Publix Stores this morning looking for this product, Bartow, Highland City, 540 and Lake Miriam and none of them had this.

  2. Hi Gerald, thanks for writing. As mentioned in the article it is just in select stores at this moment. However any of those stores has the ability to order it in for you, just ask the manager. They’re happy to do it. Starting in early October Publix will bring it in to an additional 100+ stores in Florida, Lake Miriam Publix being one. But in the mean time ask your local Publix to please order it in for you.
    Thanks for your support!

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