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The requests have been coming in and I have been able to secure a date for the first Swamp Boys BBQ Class in 2016. The date is March 12-13, the location is behind the Citrus Center Boy’s and Girl’s Club, 2400 Havendale Blvd, Winter Haven FL.

This class is all-encompassing, covering everything from choosing the best meats, trimming, injections, seasonings, smoking, flavor profiles, temps, and box building for both KCBS and FBA. You’ll learn the techniques that I have fine tuned over 13 years and 300 contests, that have led to 48 Grand Championships and 42 Reserve GCs, as well as FBA Perfect Scores in Ribs and Brisket. From the basics, to the finest details needed to make you a winner, we will cover it all. Class size is limited.

March'16App Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 19.30.22

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  1. […] am going to give away a seat to my upcoming March Q School to someone randomly selected from a list of donors. This is not a raffle, because PayPal doesn’t […]

  2. I don’t know much about computer talks or works but I would so like to get Tim Canada of Two Crackers in your class

  3. Hi Fay, that sounds great. Are you able to print out the application? If not you can just write the info on a sheet of paper and mail it to me. My mailing address is on the application.
    Merry Christmas,


  4. Rub,

    Is there still spaces available for the March class?


  5. Hi Colin,
    Yes I do still have a few spots left.
    Hope you can join us.

  6. Is there still room for the March cooking class? Would need 2 spots.

  7. Hi Jereme,

    Yes I do have spots open, hope you can join us.


  8. Hi there, do you still have two spaces for the March class and also what are the timings please; we’d be flying in from the UK.

  9. Rub,

    What time does the class end on Sunday the 13th?

  10. Hi Mark, I do have 2 spaces available, would love to have you join us. We will begin at 12 noon on Saturday, and we are typically done on Sunday around 3pm, plus or minus 30 minutes.


  11. Around 3pm, plus or minus 30 minutes.

  12. hello swamp boys this is mike from elk mound wisconsin i am wandering if you will be having any classes up in my neck of the woods i have done some competitions up here but i could use some help i would be willing to travel a little please let me know thanks

  13. Hi Mike, I don’t have anything planned up your way at the moment. There are still a few seat in my March class coming up. You should fly down and enjoy some nice weather and take in my class.


  14. Rub,

    Applications and check on the way….. Very excited and wondering if you will email us anything before the class or do we simply just show up on Saturday?

  15. Hi Jereme, sounds good! Yes I will email the group about a week or 2 out with details.



  16. Hi Rub. Are there classes on April 6th-10th?

  17. Do you have another school planned for 2016

  18. I don’t have it planned yet, just did one 2 weeks ago. I typically wait until there is enough demand. Where are you located?

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