Sep 092011

Do you live in a BBQ deprived area of the country? Have you been wanting to attend Swamp Boys Q School to better your skills, but don’t want to travel to Florida to take the class? Now you don’t have to.

Introducing Swamp Boys Q School with Nationwide Roaming
We can arrange a full blown 2 day class virtually anywhere in the world! All that’s needed is 20 students*, a location, and equipment for me to use. If you act as the local coordinator for the class you receive special pricing for your entry into the class. We pick a date, and it’s as simple as that. Class is already scheduled for MD, and CA or NV is in the works. So now there are no more excuses for cooking less-than-excellent BBQ. Contact me today and we can begin the process., or by cell (863)206-9363.

*minimum number of students subject to change

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  4 Responses to “Swamp Boys Q School: Coming to a Town Near You!”

  1. I think it’s going to be hard NOT to go to Vegas.

  2. oh my, My birthday is March 11th , I should tie that in with Swamp boys.

  3. I live in Marion Illinois(close enough anyway)and have a stumps prince model you could use.I would be interested in a class or helping put together a class within 2-3 hours from here.

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