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The date is set, the location is Winter Haven, FL. Exactly where in WH TBA. I hope you’ll be able to join us!

I now have a location, and it’s just outside of Winter Haven. For those flying in it is 55 minutes from Tampa International and 70 minutes from Orlando International Airports. We will be at the American Legion in Mulberry FL which is the location of “Fine Swine” bbq contest. This is a nice venue with lots of room. There is limited hook-ups for your own motorhome or trailer if you want to stay onsite. Message me for details. There is a Super 8 motel 5 minutes away (863) 425-2500 or a Holiday Inn Express that is 13 minutes away (863) 533-8070. The address of the American Legion is 1500 N Church Ave, Mulberry, FL 33860

Click HERE for the application.

If paying by check, mail to the address on the application. If you want to pay by credit card, use this PayPal button. The fee PayPal charges is shown in the price.

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  11 Responses to “Swamp Boys Q School, Jan. 2015”

  1. This is a great class. I took it last summer and really learned what seperates the serious competitior from the backyard smoker. This is for those who want to be successful at competition BBQ.

  2. Hello Rub: I’m the Old Guy (Judge) that picked up the sauce from you at Lake City. Questions: 1) How many students (max) will be in your class? 2) I have a hearing disability and have trouble hearing in a crowd, even with a pair of $7500 hearing aids. So, would I be able to get close to the speaker? 3) Once started, does the class continue straight through to finish, or is there a break Sat. night? The reason I ask this is to help me figure my motel needs – I am 420 miles away (6:30 drive).

    Many thanks,
    Dave Curran

  3. Hi Dave, thanks for writing! Here’s some answers for you:
    1. Max is 25, but we are usually between 15-20.
    2. You sound like me, I have the same issue with background noise. No problem with you being up by the table.
    3. Saturday we’ll start around noon and go until dinner time, around 7pm. I serve a prime rib dinner then you are free to retire until 7:30AM Sunday. We’ll wrap up around 3-3:30 Sunday afternoon.

    Hope you can make it!

  4. Will you have another class in the Spring if so do you know the dates yet. I teach school and would to plan around it.

  5. Nothing is planned yet but it’s possible I will have one in Iowa in March.
    I teach school also.

  6. What smokers are you teaching with? Also, I heard a rumor you might be doing a class in Iowa this year. Any truth to that.

  7. I’ll be using a Yoder offset stick-burner and an Ole Hickory ACE-BP. But my techniques are based on cookers, I’ve used the same style for years with Stump’s, pellet smokers, Backwoods, Stickburners, etc.

    There is a possibility of an Iowa class in late March. It will be dependant on demand.

  8. Hello Rub, 1st, do you still have a spot left for the January class? 2nd will we be cooking in the class or watching? Thank you, hope to see you in January.

  9. Hi Kirk, yes I do still have a spot available for the class. You will be watching, but I always tell people they are welcome to bring their equipment and mirror me if they would like to. Hope you can join us.

  10. I have signed up for the Jan class. Do you have a location yet. Really looking forward in taking my skill to the next level. Good job in CA last weekend.

  11. Hi Dean, sounds great! I am actively working on the location and have it down to 3. I am waiting to hear back from them and they promise me it will be by Monday the 23rd latest. Just as soon as I have it secured I will spread the word to everyone. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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