Jun 182015

I’ve had lot’s of requests for another Q School. I’ve been able to pull it together and the date will be June 27-28, 2015. The location will be the same location as Winter Haven’s Smoke on the Water contest. It’s located lakefront on the beautiful Chain of Lakes, directly behind the Citrus Center Boys Club. The schedule will be as follows:

Noon Saturday – Class starts
7:30pm Smoked Prime Rib Supper
Social time, fire pit at the lake, and/or retire to motels

Sunday 7:30am – Class resumes
3:00 or until all questions are answered – Class ends

Don’t miss this class, last one at this price! Click here print the application >>> BoysClub15APP

You can mail in a check or pay online with a credit card. No PayPal account required. PayPal fees reflected in online payment price.



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  14 Responses to “Swamp Boys Q School June 27-28”

  1. Looking forward to the class!

  2. It will be great!

  3. Yes looking forward to taking the class and the smoked prime rib. 😉

  4. I have a request, I cannot eat steak due to a health condition is there anyway I could have some chicken instead? Hate to be difficult but it will not end well for me to eat beef. Thank you Kris

  5. Not a problem at all Kris. If you think about it shoot me a reminder a couple of days before. Your application and payment are here, thanks!

  6. We’ll do thank you

  7. […] try to help out financially a little, I am going to give away a seat to my upcoming June Q School to someone randomly selected from a list of donors. This is not a raffle, because PayPal […]

  8. Wish I could make your June class but my schedule is full. Do you know when and where you will be giving your next class (es). I really want to attend your but I need to work it into my schedule. I will also need to know the cost.

    Thank you,
    Don New

  9. Hi Don,
    I don’t have any local classes on the calendar yet. There is one in The Netherlands in August. Next weekend is your best bet for the immediate future.

  10. Hey it’s Kris just wanted to give you a reminder for a piece of chicken instead of prime rib, for next weekend! Ready to be down there getting my learn on!!!

  11. Gotcha covered Kris. Thanks for the reminder!

  12. Thank you

  13. Rub are we going to get a schedule I know we arrive at 12 but as far as meat prep and all that? Just let me know thanks Cathy and Thomas Voelker are looking forward to it.

  14. I just emailed the group some details.

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