Jan 292024
Do you want to be able to eat amazing BBQ for the rest of your life? Here’s how:
Come join me for Swamp Boys Q School, March 2-3, ’24. All the techniques, tips, and lots of winning recipes. Lot’s to learn no matter what your skills are now. Let’s do it.
What: Swamp Boys Q School
When: March 2-3, begins at noon on Saturday, goes through dinner. Start back up 7:30am Sunday, goes until we’re done and all questions are answered. Usually around 3pm.
Where: Whiskey Bent BBQ, 2325 Commerce Point Dr Suite 100, Lakeland FL
Application: CLICK HERE


To pay via credit card or PayPal, email me at rub@swampboys.com and I will email an invoice to you.

To pay with a check or money order, mail it in with your printed application to the address on the form.
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  4 Responses to “Swamp Boys Q School, March 2-3!”

  1. Are any campgrounds near by?

  2. Are we able to email the application (with e-signature) or does it have to be mailed? Also, do we have to be part of a team in order to participate?

  3. Yes that is fine on the e-sig and email. And you absolutely do not need to be part of a team. The majority of attendees will be back yarders. Also I be adding a PayPal link sometime today for that option.

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