Jul 252010

3rd Ribs, 23rd overall/42 teams

Can’t really explain what happened to me here. There is obviously a new taste profile that the judges are liking better than what they liked last year. It’s going to be my job now to figure out just what that is, or give them something even better.

But the big story for the weekend was recent Swamp Boys Q School graduates Unknown BBQ. Jason, Lee, and Clark all took my class just less than a month ago. This was their first FBA contest since the class, and they had never won a first place in any category, or a Grand Championship. Well, they won a first in chicken, a first in ribs, and a first in brisket, along with Grand Champion. I’d say the class paid off for them! Congratulations guys!

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Apr 262010

1st place Chicken, 10th place Ribs, 7th place Brisket, 5th Overall/59 Teams

1st place Chicken!

Barnesville has always been a lot of fun as a contest, and has also grown and improved each year. This one was no different.

My friend Jimmy rode up with me so he could hold a private class for a cook team up there. We arrived around midnight on Thursday. He had a hotel and I stayed at my trailer. I slept in a little Friday which felt great after the long drive.

I was pleased with my scores – especially 1st place Chicken  – and got what I deserved, except in Pork. My turn in was as good as it ever was, but instead of having a top 10 call in it, I ended up in 31st place. And the worst part was that I won my table in pork, meaning I was on a very low scoring table. Some times that’s the breaks though, better luck next time.

Special thanks to Sister Mary for running my boxes to turn in for me, you were a big help! Also to Jimmy for his help, and everyone else who pitched in to help the gimp. Two more weeks.

Hi to Kathy (high school friend) who now lives in Barnesville. She surprised me with a nice visit.

And lastly, we had some excellent pizza Saturday night. If you’re ever in Barnesville check out the pizza place right down town. Good stuff!

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