Jun 192010

5th Chicken, 5th Ribs, 9th Pork, 1st Brisket, GRAND CHAMPION/32 Teams

1st place Brisket

Grand Champion!

I got to go to this contest it’s first year and had a great time. I missed going up there last year, so I was happy to see that it worked with my schedule for this summer. The drive up was 8 hours and I arrived around 10:30pm. I got out of the truck and right away felt the heat and humidity. It was still 86 degrees at 10:30 at night! Needless to say the heat was the talk of the weekeend with highs in the low 100’s during the day.

I wasn’t real happy with what I turned out, it seemed like the raw product wasn’t real good to begin with. Guess that shows what I know! The judges liked it, and the Swamp Boys earned their 4th qualifier towards the Jack Daniel’s Lucky 7. It’s gonna be real tough to get there at this point, but I’ll sure give it a try! Thanks to Elba for all the hospitality 🙂

Ranked 3rd in the National BBQ Rankings, 4th in FBA TOTY

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May 122010

1st place Brisket, 9th Overall/38 Teams

I won this contest last year, giving me my lucky #7 for the auto into The Jack. Not so this year. I felt I cooked really well but only managed one call, a first in brisket. I had a friend make the walk for me as I had to leave early to make it back in time for my daughter’s dance recital. She did much better than I did, with every one of her dance numberrs being awesome. 🙂

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Apr 212010

Suncoast BBQ Bash, Venice FL , April 16-17
11th Chicken, 1st Ribs, 3rd Pork, 1st Brisket, GRAND CHAMPION/33 Teams!!

Grand Champion!

This first year event was my first since the ankle surgery. I brought Woody along to help since I’m still on crutches and needed a hand – I’m thankful he was there. We were at the Venice airport in an unused section, just across the street from the beach. Unfortunately we couldn’t enjoy the view; so close yet so far. 

We arrived around 3 or so Friday, got set up and began prepping meats. It took about 90 minutes before we would get power but it did finally come. Woody covered the cook’s meeting for me, then we went to the cook’s supper where we were joined by my cousin George who lives in Venice. 

I tried something new to jump start my chicken and it did not work at all; I felt fortunate to get 11th. I was obviously very happy with the other calls and it felt good to get back up to the stage for a call. 

My Stump’s Smokers performed perfectly and as always helped me put out a great product. Also thanks to David at Butcher’s BBQ for the great injections and rubs! 

1st Place Ribs!

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