Mar 042014
Swamp Boys Q School in Clermont FL, 03/02/14

Swamp Boys Q School in Clermont FL, 03/02/14

We had a group of 27 passionate barbecuers converge in Clermont FL this past weekend to take part in my Q School. Many were from FL but others travelled from GA, SC, NC, OH, and PA to attend. We were blessed with beautiful weather and lots of fellowship while we discussed the finer points of barbecuing at all levels. Everyone seemed to have a great time and really enjoy themselves. Expect to see some amazing food coming from these cooks in the near future!

A special thanks to our Q School sponsors who donated their award-winning products for everyone in the class: Big Poppa Smokers and Simply Marvelous, Butcher BBQ, Wicked Que, Bad Byron’s Butt Rub, 3 Eyz and Swamp Boys BBQ Sauce.

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Feb 092014

I was excited to compete for the first time in this 2nd year contest in Apopka. It’s not too often there is $10,000 up for grabs for Grand Champion. The big money brought out lots of teams, 81 in fact. I was really focused and all my entries were right where I wanted them to be. Only thing was maybe the brisket was a touch too tender. Unfortunately the judges didn’t see it my way in 3 of my categories. But that happens, so I will do the exact same thing next time and hope the judging goes in my favor. That’s all we can do! But in ribs the table of judges I got DID agree with me and I had terrific scores. I missed a perfect score of 200 by half a point and got 1st place out of 81 entries, setting the high score in ribs for the year. That along with my other less-than-stellar scores put me in 9th overall. Not what I wanted but a top 10 at least.

1st place Ribs

1st Place Ribs

The Swamp Boys sauces have been selling like crazy. So much so that inventory is getting really low. More will be ready soon but labels will hold us up. I am hoping than in 10-14 days we will be back up to full stock in all sizes and flavors. Thanks for being patient during these growing pains. On a great note my sauce played a role in people winning a lot of money in Apopka and that is cool!

Shop here: Swamp Boys Store

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Jan 062013

Ziggy Dick’s in Naples FL was the first contest of the 2013 season and it started out well for Swamp Boys. I scored a 6th in chicken, 2nd in ribs, 1st in pork, and 7th in brisket which was good enough to claim Reserve Grand Champion. Congratulations go out to Wooley Bully for winning Grand Champion. It’s fun getting edged out by former students 😉

1st place pork!

1st place pork!


Reserve Grand Champion!

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Aug 062012

I am happy to announce that there are seats available for my Swamp Boys Q School, which will be held Oct. 6-7 in Venice FL, on the beautiful Myakka River. The class will be at Rambler’s Rest RV Resort in Venice, beginning at 1pm Saturday and ending at approximately 2:30pm Sunday. A block of seats have already been reserved for the sponsors of the Venice FBA contest, so the remaining seats are very limited. This is the only planned class for the remainder of 2012.

Print and fill out the application and mail to me with your payment or deposit to reserve your spot today!

Click for Application

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May 022012

Swamp Boys Q School will be held June 29-30 in Clermont FL at Clerbrook RV Resort. Take the class that will help elevate your BBQ cooking skills to a new level. The list of graduates who go on to win their first Grand Championship grows steadily all across the country. Class size will be limited, don’t delay.

Click here for application: Class June 2012

The typical Q School class is as follows:

  • Friday 1pm begin class
  • Detailed and in-depth discussions and demonstrations on the 4 main meats, from selections to injections
  • Prime Rib dinner around 7pm
  • Informal discussions on anything BBQ, put the big meats on the smokers
  • Saturday morning breakfast around 7:30
  • Ribs go on, then chicken
  • Final touches on meats, box building 2 ways per meat
  • Q & A until everyone is satisfied and there are no more questions
  • Usually around 2:30pm we wrap it up
  • Go home and practice!

The methods you’ll learn can be used with any style cooker, they’re not smoker specific. This class is great for everyone from the novice to the pro who needs that extra edge to move into upper ranks.
I have over 200 BBQ contests worth of experience to share, come and get it!

Click here for application: Class June 2012

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