Sep 092011

Just scheduled by popular demand, Swamp Boys Q School in central Florida. This class will be held at Clerbrook RV Resort located in Clermont FL, convenient to the FL Turnpike. Avoid all of the hustle and bustle of “Black Friday” and come spend some quality time under the oak trees perfecting America’s original cuisine. We’ll start at 1:00pm on Friday and wrap up around 2:00 – 2:30pm on Saturday.

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Any questions email or call me.


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Sep 062011

We had the annual FBA Fun Cook this past weekend in Clermont. If you’re not familiar with it, the Fun Cook is a time when the judges, cooks, and general membership come together for a weekend of fun. The entry fee and payouts are very low and there are no TOTY points awarded. That’s why it’s call the FUN cook. There was a BBQ class offered, as well as a judging class. We had a great pot luck supper on Saturday night and turn-ins and judging on Sunday.

I took the opportunity to try a new chicken recipe/method to see if I could make some improvements. Well it worked a little as my chicken was no longer at the bottom of the pack, but not nearly where I need it to be.  I received a 12th in chicken, 5th in ribs, 1st in pork, and 3rd in brisket for a 3rd place overall. I’m going to continue to practice on the chicken until it becomes an asset, not a liability.

The next contest will be the start of the new BBQ season for qualifying purposes and I intend to make each one count. Here’s hoping for a strong, consistent year.

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Apr 052010

So for 2009, I finished in the top 10 over 85% of the time. I finished in the top 5 68% of the time. I came in Grand or Reserve Champion in over 44% of the contests I entered.  Those are numbers I’m pretty proud of, and they are what kept the Swamp Boys ranked as the #1 team in the country on the National BBQ Rankings for 67 weeks, including all of 2009. We’re talking out of over 4, 400 pro teams.

Jump forward to 2010. Here is a list of the contests I entered and where I finished overall:
Okeechobee 3rd/44
Lakeland 18th/73
Winter Haven 4th/46
Starke 5th/38
Haines City 12th/37
Clermont 14th/30
Dade City 10th/25

Granted, 3 of those above are good finishes. And  historically the start of the season is my weakest stretch.  But still, those others have me worried. In Haines City I did not get a call! It has been years since that has happened. Something is changing, now to figure out how to deal with it.

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Apr 022010

Ankle plate and 6 screws

Stapled Shut

I twisted my ankle Saturday evening of the Clermont contest. Upon the insistance of my wife, I went to the Urgent Care place to have it looked at on Sunday. Doc said it looked sprained, gave me a prescription for some pain pills and anti-inflamatory pills, and said to come back in a week if it wasn’t better. At the end of the week it was feeling a little better – I had even cooked the Dade City contest. Of course all of that walking made it a little ‘angry’ looking, so on Sunday we went back to the UC place. This time a different doc saw me, X-rayed it, said it was broken and had begun to grow back together incorrectly. I’d have to have surgery to have it re-broken and put together the right way. NOT what I wanted to hear.

So during my spring break I had the surgery. Dr. Morin put in a plate and six screws to hold everything together, kind of like my neck that Dr. Medary took care of 3 years ago:

Neck plate and 6 screws

So I was laid up all spring break with my foot elevated and had to cancel a contest in GA. Dr. Morin says no weight on it at all for 6 weeks, which means crutches. Not fun.

Update 5/17/10: A special thanks goes out to Dr. Morin, and his great nurses Donna and Melinda for the awesome care they gave me. I’m able to walk on both feet now and am getting better every day. Now if I could just get Dr. Morin to accept barbecue in exchange for my deductible… 😉

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