Dec 092012

I qualified and was invited to compete in the Florida BBQ Association’s Triple Crown Championship held in Perry Florida this past weekend. I was the last to arrive and got set up way back in the woods, a pretty good hike to turn in. All of the best teams in the FBA were there and the competition was stiff. When the awards were over and done with, I had a 1st place in chicken, a 1st place in ribs, and a 7th place in brisket which was good enough for Grand Champion! I was totally surprised and humbled. As GC I also won a new Jack’s Old South cooker which was very cool! Before I got back to my site I had a trade offer on the JOS that I couldn’t pass up. I am now the proud new owner of a Lang 48″ Hybrid Deluxe Patio Smoker!

Big congrats to my friend Terry of Git-R-Smoked for winning RGC, and all the others who heard their name called.

Thank you to my sponsors: 3 Eyz BBQ, Butcher BBQ, and BBQr’s Delight. These companies all have great products that help me produce the best barbecue I can, week after week.

1st Place Chicken!

1st Place Ribs!

Grand Champ!


Lang Hybrid

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Dec 022012

With a 1st place in ribs, 4th in pork, and 2nd in brisket I was fortunate enough to win GC at the Central Florida BBQ Fest in Sebring FL this weekend. This is one of oldest ones in the FBA and is always a great contest. Thanks to the organizers and the FBA Reps for a job well done. And congratulations to my good friend Terry McKay of Git-R-Smoked on RGC.

As always, a big thanks to my sponsors: 3 Eyz BBQ, Butcher BBQ, and BBQr’s Delight. These companies all have great products that help me produce the best barbecue I can, week after week.

Don’t forget to sign up for one of the Swamp Boys Q School offerings in March 2013.

1st Place Ribs!

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Nov 112012

This was a first year Qualifying contest and it was well attended by some quality teams. There were a few logistics issues with the organizers but in the end everything worked out. I felt fortunate to have 4 top 10 calls with a 7th in chicken, 4th in ribs, 3rd in pork and a 1st in brisket.

Next up is Plant City where we will be vending our World Championship pulled pork and “Best of the Best”ribs!

1st place brisket

Grand Champion!

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Oct 272012

1st – Chicken, 4th – Ribs, 1st – Pork, 2nd – Brisket, Grand Champion, Qualifier!

A very windy contest, but my smokers handled it all with ease. I was really happy with all of my categories except for ribs and the judges agreed. I’m thankful for my sponsors 3 Eyz BBQ, Butcher’s, and BBQR’s Delight.

1st place Chicken

1st place Pork

Grand Champion!

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Sep 052012

I competed at the FBA “Fun Cook” in Clermont 8/31 – 9/2. I had been wanting to try some changes on each category and I decided this would be a good enough time. I apprehensively put into play these untested ideas and turned in my entries. I didn’t care for the chicken outcome at all, but thought the others were OK. Turn ins were Saturday but awards weren’t until Sunday. I had things to do at home, so I left Sunday before awards. A friend of mine was texting me during awards of how they were going.

No Chicken! Sorry…
…1st Ribs…
…1st Pork…
…Brisket 1st!!!! U 8!+)#!!…
…Swamp Boys GC with three first place calls!”

Pretty cool! Thanks to my sponsors: Butcher BBQ, 3 Eyz BBQ, and BBQR’s Delight. You guys help make it all happen!

PS: Still time to sign up for my Q School!

Three 1st places and Grand Champion!

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