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Ankle plate and 6 screws

Stapled Shut

I twisted my ankle Saturday evening of the Clermont contest. Upon the insistance of my wife, I went to the Urgent Care place to have it looked at on Sunday. Doc said it looked sprained, gave me a prescription for some pain pills and anti-inflamatory pills, and said to come back in a week if it wasn’t better. At the end of the week it was feeling a little better – I had even cooked the Dade City contest. Of course all of that walking made it a little ‘angry’ looking, so on Sunday we went back to the UC place. This time a different doc saw me, X-rayed it, said it was broken and had begun to grow back together incorrectly. I’d have to have surgery to have it re-broken and put together the right way. NOT what I wanted to hear.

So during my spring break I had the surgery. Dr. Morin put in a plate and six screws to hold everything together, kind of like my neck that Dr. Medary took care of 3 years ago:

Neck plate and 6 screws

So I was laid up all spring break with my foot elevated and had to cancel a contest in GA. Dr. Morin says no weight on it at all for 6 weeks, which means crutches. Not fun.

Update 5/17/10: A special thanks goes out to Dr. Morin, and his great nurses Donna and Melinda for the awesome care they gave me. I’m able to walk on both feet now and am getting better every day. Now if I could just get Dr. Morin to accept barbecue in exchange for my deductible… 😉

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