Jan 102018

The first Swamp Boys Q School for 2018 is scheduled!

March 17-18, 2018 is the date for my Q School to be held in Winter Haven, lakefront on Lake Cannon. Come enjoy the perfect weather and learn what I have learned over the past 14 years of competition barbecue. The only 3-time Florida BBQ Association Team of the Year, and 2017 TOTY.

This techniques class will cover both ‘hot and fast’ and ‘low and slow’ methods. FBA and KCBS covered. You want to be the best bbq’r in your neighborhood? Come see me, I’ll make it happen. You want to improve your competition cooking? Let’s do it.

Print the application below (March_18 QSchool), fill it out and mail it in with your check. Need to pay with a credit card? Use the PayPal link. A PayPal account is not required. The PP fee will be added to your total. Still must mail in the application.

March_18 QSchool

Swamp Boys Q School

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  22 Responses to “First Q School of 2018 in March”

  1. Hi. I sent my application for my wife and me. What times are the classes? We’re coming from Okeechobee. Thanks. Tim Godfrey

  2. Hi Tim, class starts at noon on Saturday till about 8pm then 7:30 to about 3:30-4pm Sunday. I will email details about a week out.

  3. Thanks

  4. I have a few question in regards to the cooking class for March 17th and 18th of 2018. I would like to know if there are seats left to reserve. Please call me asap please. 732-928-6388 8-5 or 732-998-1574 after 5:00 PM ET

  5. I have a family membership in the Florida BBQ Association and I’m also a member of the National Barbecue and Grilling Association. I’m 65 and my wife, Kate, is 60. We live in Winter Haven, are semi-retired, and own and operate Morris Agribusiness Services, LLC, which provides agribusiness consulting, agricultural real estate brokerage, and citrus fruit and juice brokerage services.
    Kate and I are looking for three couples who live in the Winter Haven area and who share our love of barbecuing and grilling. We want to start an outdoor cooking club where we will take turns barbecuing and grilling different proteins and preparing sides at each other’s houses. I thought some possible couples or individuals may have taken one of your classes. Could you recommend three couples? My cell phone is 863-287-4652.
    Allen Morris

  6. There are still seats available.

  7. Hi Allen, I think your best bet would be to join the Florida BBQ Association and the ask on the FBA Facebook page. I can’t give out student information from my classes. Good luck!

  8. I would like to know if there are seats left to reserve. Please call me asap please. 732-928-6388 8-5 or 732-998-1574 after 5:00 PM ET. Would like to confirm and make payment.

  9. Would like to confirm and make payment. I would like to know if there are seats left to reserve. I have 3 people that would be attending. Please call me asap please. 732-928-6388 8-5 or 732-998-1574 after 5:00 PM ET.

  10. Yes I have room for 3, go ahead and submit your apps. Thanks.

  11. We are confirming hotel and airline tickets today 2-15-18 and tom 2-16-18. and will be submitting applications and payment.

  12. Very good, thank you.

  13. What size Deep South smoker do you cook on for the class? And are there still seat available for the class?

  14. I have a GC 36. We’ll also be cooking on an Ole Hickory and QDS-X2 drums. Yes I do have a few seats left as of right now.

  15. Ok. Thank you. My husband is thinking about it. He cooks on a GC 28.

  16. Still have a spot left? My husband Michael decided he would like to take the class.

  17. Yes but be quick. Only 2-3 spots left.

  18. Great. He did his deposit this morning and application and check are in the mail.

  19. Are there any spots left for March 18 event? Would like to send deposit. Can I email the filled out application? Thanks.

  20. Yes if you can get me your application this morning. Fill it out and email it back to me please.

  21. Is there a 2nd class date set for 2018 yet?

  22. There is one in Utah possible this June. If it falls through I may move it here to Winter Haven FL. Regardless there will be at least one more in FL in ’18. Stay tuned…

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