Dec 202013

I am happy to report that I have 2 Q Schools on the calendar. The first is March 1-2, ’14 in Clermont FL.


I am also selling 21 tickets at $25 each for a chance to win a seat in any Swamp Boys upcoming Q Schools. The proceeds from this sale will be donated to Darryl Mast and his show to help with operating costs. Darryl is working hard to bring more coverage of BBQ contests into the mainstream media. Help me help his efforts to promote BBQ, and buy a ticket or two by clicking on the “Buy Now” PayPal button here: THIS FUNDRAISER IS SOLD OUT

Details for March 2014 Clermont Class

Details for March 2014 Clermont Class










The second is in Holladay UT July 23-24, ’14. I’m looking forward to going to Utah!

Utah July Class Application


Details for Utah Class in July

Details for Utah Class in July

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  8 Responses to “Two Swamp Boys Q Schools Announced”

  1. Rub. You had mentioned at the end of my class that if any of us wanted to attend a later class you would be ok with that. If the offer still stands and I could come over and stay in the shadows (promise not to act like Bob) I might swing over. I am willing to be a pit bitch as well if Lori isn’t available. Thanks Rick


    P.S. got a little 16 Grizzly pretty sweet

  2. Sounds good Rick, will probably put you to work as well!

  3. Anymore fundraisers in central florida coming up?

  4. How large are your cooking classes?

  5. Usually between 15-25 people.

  6. Rub! hope all is well….. Are you going to make it to the madeira beach competition? if so, please bring sauce. I need four jars. Would like to avoid shipping.

  7. Yes I am and I’ll have sauce with me. See you there.

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